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Appliance Care Tips from J & B Appliance Service



Servicing Leon, Wakulla, Gadsden, & Jefferson Counties

Refrigerator / Freeze

Refrigerator runs too often

Refrigerator Odor

Freezer Tips


Cloudy Glasses / White Film on dishes


White Residue


Long Dry Times

Staining of Drum

Ice Maker

Smaller Cubes

Temperature Problem

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal can be reset if stuck by pushing a button under the disposal. If it is still stuck you can use the garbage disposal tool give with each disposal. Move this tool back and forth. This will unjam the disposal. If not then call us at 850-544-9696.

To sharpen the blades of any disposal you can very simply dump cube ice into then disposal This cleans out the disposal of any food particles & sharpens the blades run a very small amount of water when doing this.