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J & B Appliance Service
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Appliance Repair and Maintenance Company


J & B Appliance Service services appliances in Leon, Wakulla, Gadsden, and Jefferson Counties of Florida. Our focus is on quick, quality service. We offer quick repairs and will service your appliance within 24 hours. We're available 24/7 for emergency repairs. If you're experiencing an issue with your appliance, give us a call. We'll diagnose the issue and repair the appliance.

Specialize in DIY Clean-up

Sometimes the issue isn't that bad and that you can repair it yourself. Sometimes however, the issue isn't exactly what you thought it was, and even after your repairs the appliance doesn't work still. We specialize in finding the problem and fixing it. Even if you realize halfway through the repairs that the problem is deeper than you thought, call the pros to handle the problem. We'll help you get it back running right.


For those people that are wanting to do the repairs themselves, we offer parts available on many makes and models of appliances. If you have a part number, we'll help you get the part. Simply call 888-817-0936 and give the part number.
Contact the pros at J & B Appliance Service at 850-544-9696 for appliance repairs!